Kitchen Mania

Kitchen Mania is a collective of novel game controllers that transformed from traditional kitchen tools.

Why do video games have to stay inside a screen? As digital culture continues to affect people’s internal rewarding system, can we shape the future of game play by merging virtual and physical space?

This projects addresses these questions by turning familiar household appliances and tools into novel forms of game controllers and achieving functional interfaces that perform real physical tasks simultaneously. Two devices were made for the purpose: the PulpPad and conROLLER.

We are current working on developing custom games for Pulppad and conRoller. If you are a game developer/sound designer and you are interested in collaborating, contact us.


The PulpPad consists of 4 juicers arranged in a directional pad layout, each with a non-invasive current sensor to trigger a keyboard event. While working with game developers to create a custom game, we have tested out the two PulpPads to play the popular game Dance Dance Revolution. It allows players to mix their own cocktails with freshly squeezed juice after finishing a dance battle.


The conROLLER is a customized rolling pin with a rotary encoder inside to determine directionality. Currently, this device is paired with the game Galaga. Players roll the pin to move the spaceship left and right; stomp the foot pedal to shoot and activate the two food processors to grate cheese and blend tomato sauce. 


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Sept 26, 2018     
NYC Maker Fairer 2018
Sept 26, 2018 
Magfest 2019
Jan 3, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019
Death by Audio Arcade - Alt.Ctrl Showcase II
Jan 16, 2019


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