︎︎︎ A Collaboration with Jiyao Zhang, Yicheng Tao
︎︎︎ Ins @ Camerobot


Performance, Wearable

Camarobot is a performative installation where the artist transformed herself into a human-embodied camera.

With a screen and lens mounted on her body, the performer walks around and provides service to people. They can press her head to take pictures. The pictures will then be uploaded to Instagram and displayed on a screen on her back. Camerobot is so far the most intelligent camera. It adjusts with you wills, automatically add filter for your pictures and upload to Instagram for you.

Camerobot pokes fun of a reality we all live in: we see the world through the lens of photography; we experience the world through the mediation of technology. Mobile phone and Instagram are rooted in our mindset and become part of our identity. Are we all cameRobot in some sense?