I am always afraid of losing control. I want everything to be perfect — and that has been my constant struggle and my source of anxiety. To let go control is a life lesson I never stop learning.

I Am In Control 
Performance, Sound Installation, New Interface for Musical Expression

I Am in Control is a performance with custom-made, kite-shaped music instrument that tells a story about control and letting go control. The instrument is co-played by the performer and 3 wind blowers.  By depicting the interdependent-rivalry relationship between wind and the kite flyer,  the performance draws resemblance  to the relationship between individuals and the invisible power around us. Kites fly when wind and string work together, and we as human are always shaped both by our own will and external power. In both cases, we have to let go part of the control to not lose it completely.

Performed at:
PaperboxNew Interface for Musical Expression

Wind is produced by a blower and 2 fans.  During the performance, a remote control is handed over to an audience to control the speed of the wind

Microcontroller and hall effect sensors are used on a kite winder to read the performer’s gesture of controlling the kite string.

The kite is custom-designed and fabricated with semi-transparent white fabric.  During the performance, a live view of the performer’s face is projected on the kite