Yes I have an official bio down here ︎︎︎

Huiyi is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator working in photos, moving images, performance, and interactive installations. Her work unearthes the nuanced interplay between individuals and the power structures surrounding them. Taking a feminist approach and drawing influence from ethnographic research, community engagement, and personal diaspora experience, she explores the fluid space between intimate personal narratives and the power structures they reside in, celebrating the resilience and poetry that emerges at their collision and negotiation.

Influenced by her background in psychology, she is interested how viewers interact with the artwork and the psychological mechanisms behind their behaviors. In her work, technology is often both a subject of critical examination and a means to create alternative modes for the audience to connect with the work.

Her works have been exhibited at IDFA, CDh:DOX, CulturalHub, Magfest, VR Day Europe, Special Special Gallery, and more. She holds a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Southern California and an M.P.S. degree in Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University, where she also served as a postdoc fellow. She currently teaches at the Mason Gross School of Art at Rutgers University.