A Series of Performance happening in my living room in Brooklyn
2023 - 2024

All performance co-developed with Yun Qin Wang and Wenjing Liu

Questions and answers 提问和回答,2023
By Huiyi  + Yun Qin
Body, Words, Breathes, and Contact Mic

One person asks questions, the other anwers without being able to speak. 

Measurement 测量,2023
By Wenjing  + Yun Qin

Two people measuring things in the room with rulers while reporting the numbers to the audience. 

Food Preperation 备菜,2023
By Huiyi + Yun Qin

Cutting fruits with knives, poems, sound collage 

Letter from Home 家书,2023
By Wenjing + Huiyi

Cutted words from text exchanges with our parents hidden in the kitchen; Two people looking for the lost words and reading them out.